Only one family (max. 6 persons/excluding biological children) can be booked per pitch, additional tents for visitors are not allowed! The number of people is limited to 4 for rental properties or 5 for safari tents! Camping at the rental accommodation is allowed only in exceptional cases and must be agreed with us in advance.
For all vacation periods, the months of July and August and holidays, advance reservations are strongly recommended. Also for special space and rental housing requests during other seasons.
Site management reserves the right to change site or object allocations if necessary for special reasons.


The descriptions and prices in the price list valid for the travel period apply only to the contractual services.
Age information refers to the time of stay. For insurance reasons, all persons traveling with you must be listed at the time of booking. Telephone information, side agreements and other commitments of any kind only form part of the contract if they have been confirmed by us in writing. The contract becomes effective upon receipt of our written booking confirmation (email).
You will receive this after a maximum of 5 days, please check the booking confirmation immediately for accuracy!

Transfer the due deposit of €50 within 4 weeks, stating the reservation number and period of stay, in case of another account holder also the name, to the account:
VR Bank Sud Niedersachsen
IBAN: DE66 2606 2433 0000 0935 56
Please pay the balance on arrival.
Short-term bookings: No deposit will be charged for bookings up to 14 days before the start of the trip.
Bookings by solo travelers under the age of 18 are not allowed and will be cancelled by us!


The arrival and departure dates specified in the booking confirmation are binding.
On the day of arrival, the pitch or rental home will be ready for you from 3 p.m. onwards. Wait in the parking lot until 3 p.m. Please do not block the paths.


Rental properties must be cleared by 10:30 a.m. The cleaning of these objects is always carried out by Camping Seeburger See. Pitches with self-cleaning must be vacated no later than noon and the barrier left. The keys to the rental property must be returned upon departure. Loss of a key will be charged €25.00 each.


If you make changes to the existing contract (persons, pitch, rental property), we will charge you the new price.


You can revoke the contract at any time! The revocation must be communicated in writing. The receipt of the withdrawal notice by us determines the time of withdrawal. Delivery by e-mail: or by mail.
If you withdraw from the contract, we may charge appropriate compensation in accordance with § 651a et seq. BGB:
If you cancel within 30 to 10 days before arrival, the deposit of €50.00 will be booked as a cancellation fee and we will also charge 50% of the total amount as compensation according to §651 A ff. BGB. Within 10 days before departure 100%.

Cancellation and withdrawal insurance:

We strongly recommend that you purchase cancellation and travel cancellation insurance.


Only one car per space or rental unit may be parked on the private space or parking strip. More cars can be parked in the parking lot in front of the entrance.


Staying at the campground is allowed only for registered persons. Visitors should report to the reception desk.


Groups by appointment only.


Bookings with dogs are allowed. Dogs and pets are not allowed in the rental units. There is a leash requirement throughout the campground. Dogs are not allowed on the playground. There is a room requirement on and in the immediate vicinity of the campground.


Each guest agrees to treat the inventory and campsite with care. He is obliged to compensate all damages caused by him, his companions or his guests during his stay. The campground assumes no liability for damages, accidents, losses or other irregularities arising in connection with the use of the site. Influences due to force majeure, such as weather, exclude any liability.

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The camping regulations are binding on all stays. Anyone who grossly violates these, especially despite a warning against quiet times, will be immediately removed from the premises. There is a payment obligation for the entire stay.

As of June 2020