Camping spot

Comfort Camping Seeburger See offers something for everyone! You are welcome to come camping with your caravan, camper, tent or folding trailer, but renting accommodation is also possible with us.
Enjoying the outdoors and each other’s sociability. That’s the real camping feeling, isn’t it? In short, bring your own shelter.

Stay in your own tent or caravan at our campsite

Discover it at Comfort Camping Seeburger See. We offer unique camping sites!


Scattered throughout the campground are spacious, level sites. To give you enough space to move around, all pitches are at least 100m2 and suitable for tents, caravans and campers. Of course, every pitch has electricity and you will find numerous water taps.


Especially for the true tent camper, we have a tent meadow. In this area you will find only tents and no caravans or campers. Here you will feel the cozy atmosphere of real camping. These pitches are at least 100m2 in size. Of course, it is also possible to use electricity here.


Besides the normal sites, we have some small sites, especially for hikers or cyclists in small tents. These pitches are about 50m2.

Included in the rate of our pitches is unlimited access to all facilities. And in case you don’t already know; we also offer free Wi-Fi.

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