Luxury tent

Camping, we love it and here at Camping Seeburger See, we know exactly what you need to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. All you have to do is pack your things at home because our luxury tents are waiting for you fully equipped.

Let the vacations begin ...

The real camping feeling with the comfort of a lounge set, box spring bed and extra closet space. That’s camping in the Luxery tent. The many “windows” allow you to experience light and the outdoors even inside the tent. If you choose the Luxery tent then you are choosing extra comfortable camping.

  • Lots of living space
  • 2 person box spring bed in master bedroom
  • Lounge set under the generous canopy
  • Extra closet space

The luxury tent offers the best of 2 worlds. Real camping combined with the luxury of comfortable furniture. In the master bedroom there are 2 lovely box-spring beds. The remaining 3 beds are in 2 sleeping cabins. With the exception of the beds, the tent is equipped for 6 people. Does your travel party consist of 6 people? Then bring your own (air) bed.

So in the tent there are 6 chairs, there is tableware for 6 people etc. Upon arrival, bedding will be waiting for you. No need to bring quilts or covers. The only thing you need to pack is your personal luggage and kitchen and bath linens, (tea and (bath) towels) The Luxery tent you choose if you value comfort and still want to enjoy camping.

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